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Why is it that the best brands always have the best names?

Your name is your HELLO. It must register in the minds of busy people. If prospects cannot recall your name, they will not call on you. It’s that simple.

Nameris helps founders and leadership teams (even other brand agencies) assemble that vital group of letters every venture needs: a better name_

_Brandable _Simplified _Memorable _Distinctive _Ownable _Pronounceable _ Appropriate _Engaging _Relevant _Descriptive _Concise _Timeless _Suggestive _Available _Meaningful _Scalable _Likeable _Authentic _Protectable

Harnessing 30 years of branding experience (view our portfolio) and supported by a global team of brand strategists, copywriters and trademark agents, we are an online powerhouse of naming talent and expertise:

_Naming Strategy
_Research + Analysis
_Name Evaluation
_Name + Tagline Development
_Naming Systems/Sub-brands
_Audience + Cultural Testing
_Trademark Pre-screening
_Internet Domain Naming

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We professionally name organizations, products, services, websites, books, blogs, social media handles, campaigns—virtually anything that needs to be identified and more importantly, remembered. Need a better name?

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Name-it-yourself? “It’s an ironic fact of marketing that a brand’s most valuable asset is often the one given the least attention–its name. Maybe this is because new products, services, and companies are often christened before marketing teams are in place. Maybe it’s because the founders believe it’s their entrepreneurial privilege to name their own children. Or maybe it’s because they aren’t aware of the widening costs of a poorly named brand, or the streamlining effects of a well-named one.”- Marty Neumeier